Villa and sauna

The whole island of Myhkyri can be booked during the summer time as long as the lake isn’t frozen. On the island there’s a big villa, a traditional fire-heated sauna and other smaller buildings.

The local historical island can be booked for a psummer holiday, a weekend, an evening or other time needed. It suits well for example for relaxing, recreation, going to the sauna, enjoying the nature, grilling, evening get-together, bachelor’s parties, holidays, weddings and birthday parties. Just contact us and we will talk more!

The villa, which is built in the beginning of 20th century, is 200m2  and has two floors. The beautiful old wooden house consists of 11 different sized rooms and has room for 10-20 people to sleep – or even more if you consider the many extra mattresses in the house. Despite the space, the island suits as well as a summer paradise for a family.

In the villa there’s a kitchen with a fridge and a freezer, stove, oven, coffeemaker, electric kettle, dish and other utensil. There’s also electricity.

The heart of Myhkyri 
is the spacious wooden Sauna on the shore. You can jump to the lake directly from the sauna and for the small ones there’s a shallow lagoon with sand ground. After the sauna you can grill some sausages and take a drink on the terrace as you admire the sunset (or sunrise). The food and drinks can be stored in the big fridge in the changing room of the sauna. If you want to spend the night sitting by a fire, there’s a place for that in the brick grill on the dock beach.

You can get to Myhkyri with your own boat or use the transportation with our motor boat with 7 seats. For emergency and rowing for fun there’s a rowing boat.

After the holiday the tenant has to clean after himself or order a cleaning for an extra price. Bed linen and towels can also be booked beforehand for the stay.

Both children and pets are welcome to Myhkyri, but at one’s own risk: the shores might be slippery and there might be some seagulls nesting, so don’t leave your treasured ones unattended.